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About Me

Artes Visuais. Arte contemporanea.

Her research has developed so far in various experiments with drawing materials, ceramics, collage and various painting techniques on different surfaces.


Regiane is Brazilian, born in São Paulo, with a degree in Education, and has always had an interest in art, in all of its different forms. She attended open courses in design, painting techniques, ceramics, and contemporary art, all carried out over the years and combined with her sensitivity and her creative side. All this to broaden horizons for something that was already in her essence. For a few years she has been dedicating herself exclusively to her art, which she considers a privilege.


2019 – Took part in exhibitions in Brazil, in Geneva, Barcelona and New York;


2018 - Design Weekend - Inn Gallery; Happy Art Parade; Made - art and design exhibit, São Paulo Art Biennial Pavillion; virtual exhibition by "In the studio" - Moma, NY;


2017 – “Reflexão Arte Hoje” finalist, contest held by WTC / D & D Shopping Mall; several exhibits in galleries in São Paulo, and in the countryside.


Through very present gestures, and colors that merge and harmonize with primacy, freedom is constantly explored in the works of the visual artist (artes visuais) Regiane Martinez. Freedom as a form of social expression, internal conflicts experienced by the artist, or even the need to overcome her own limits, and seek greater knowledge of herself.


This expression is sensitive in her artwork. There is a natural and intuitive search for harmony and beauty. The presence of balance, in a gentle and youthful way. And the search for an ability to transform people's lives through art.

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